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Vraagt ​​u zich af tot wat voor soort audio u toegang zou krijgen als u zich aanmeldt voor mijn Patreon?

Het is een feit dat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken.

De onderstaande audio's zijn beschikbaar op mijn $ 15-niveau en hoger. Je krijgt echter nog steeds Early Access tot 3 andere audio's ongeveer een maand voordat ze naar Reddit gaan als je je aanmeldt voor mijn $ 5-niveau.

Het is een feit dat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken.

90% van deze audiothema's is ingediend door mijn klanten en ik heb peilingen opgezet zodat ik precies kan opnemen waar mijn klanten elke maand naar willen luisteren.

Het is een feit dat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken.

Deze audio's zullen NIET naar Reddit gaan en ik post elke maand 3 Patreon Exclusives. De meeste hiervan zijn individueel getagd per bericht, klik gewoon op de link om meer specifieke informatie over de audio te zien als je een beschermheer bent!

Latest Upload

Daddy, I Want To Watch Anal Porn With You
& Then I Want You To Use Me As Your Personal Fleshlight

[27:03] [Early Access]

Hi Daddy! I know I said I wasn't into anal but all I've been able to think about recently is your cock in my ass. This started as a Watch & Play Along With Me but I got so turned on thinking about your perfect cock in my tight pretty asshole that I couldn't help but turn the videos off and just have my way with you. I want you to treat me like I'm your personal fleshlight, Daddy. Is that okay?


[a ton of wet sounds] [wet riding sounds] [your personal fleshlight] [fucking my pussy for you] [toy] [play along with me] [pretending it’s your cock] [anal kink] [watch with me] [JOI-ish] [whispering] [dirty talk] [really really turned on] [play with my tits] [tasting myself] [riding your cock] [fuck my asshole] [faceriding] [cumming on your mouth] [fuck me] [creampie] [cum encouragement] [edging] [calling you daddy] [cum eating]

Your Slutty Roommate Tells Your GF You Fucked Her
& Little Do You Know, Your GF Likes It!

[28:37] [PT 2] [Stereo/Binaural] [Patreon Exclusive]

It's been a few weeks since you and your shy roommate fucked.

You both agree that it'll stay between the two of you and nobody will find out, so when she and your gf start to become good friends, you aren't all that nervous about it. One day your gf confronts you about it, confessing your roommate told her everything. You hear your roommate in the kitchen and decide to give her a piece of your mind after she threw you under the bus.


[f4fm] [pt 2] [stereo/binaural] [wet sounds] [seducing you] [bisexual gf] [threesome] [girl on girl kissing] [your gf is a cuckqueen] [fingering her while i stroke your cock] [handjob] [fingering] [play with her tits] [dirty talk] [moaning] [heavy breathing] [tongue kissing] [eating her pussy while you eat my ass] [asseating] [begging] [fucking me from behind] [her tongue in my mouth while you fuck me] [cumming on your cock] [face riding] [play with my tits] [cumming on her mouth while she cums on your cock] [tasting myself on her mouth] [blowjob] [wet stroking] [deepthroating] [hard facefucking] [cum in my mouth while she fingers me] [cum in my mouth] [cum sharing] [cum kiss] [cumplay] [swallowing your cum]

Your Step sister Forgets To Disconnect after Family Zoom night
& Decides To Put on A Slutty Show For You!

[27:52] [Early Access]

You're off at college and your parents have been nagging you to jump on a Zoom call with them. They're not very tech savvy so they ask your stepsister to use her laptop. After the call, you realize she forgot to hang up, and you decide to stay on the call and see what she gets up or how long it'll take her to realize her mistake when you suddenly find her doing something completely unexpected...


[eavesdropping] [watching your stepsis when she has no idea] [naughty zoom call] [taboo] [fdom] [play along with me] [ramblefap] [JOI] [stroke your cock for me] [wet sounds] [rubbing my pussy for you] [play with your balls] [fingering] [tasting myself] [playing with my tits] [teasing my asshole] [spanking] [dirty talk] [heavy breathing] [our little secret] [riding] [begging] [countdown] [cumming together] [i wish this was your cock instead]

Getting Your Revenge On Your Tsundere Stepsister By Making Her Take Your Dick
[29:10] [Stereo/Binaural] [Patreon Exclusive]

I'm your stepsister. You have always tried to get along with me but I'm a total daddy's girl and am always a brat. We both come home for break and our parents go out of town for the weekend. One morning, I send you a text saying I want things to be cool between us while we're both home and say I left you a coffee and breakfast in the kitchen as a peace offering, which you appreciate. Later, you start to get really hard and can't figure out why so you decide to ask me if I did something. I put something in your coffee as a prank. or was it a prank?



[stereo/binaural] [wet sounds] [sfx] [stepsister] [bratty] [fsub] [call me your dirty bitch] [take your frustration out on my pussy] [slow blowjob] [fucking my face] [slap me] [punishing me] [deepthroating] [choking on your cock] [kissing] [making me get naked] [grinding against my big ass] [fingering] [playing with myself] [not letting me cum as punishment] [teasing] [spanking] [edging] [doggy] [hair pulling] [choke me] [eat my pussy] [licking my asshole] [sucking and biting on my nipples] [missionary] [cumming on your cock] [begging] [dirty talk] [creampie] [making me clean up your dick] [cum kiss]

You Think I Sound Like Who?
Your Modest Blind Date Turns Out To Be The Slutty Audio Girl You Get Off To Online

[35:46] [Early Access]

You and I get set up by a friend of ours. We go out a few times and really like each other so we make plans to go get dinner. As you get to know me, you start to notice similarities between me and an audio girl you listen to online. I invite you over after the date and you put the pieces together. Why are there microphones in my bedroom? The glasses? The tattoos? You realize I'm heartdamage and confront me, asking me to show you what it's like to actually fuck me.



[fucking heartdamage] [wet sounds] [blackmailish?] [dirty talk] [our little secret] [stripping for you] [kissing] [handjob] [grinding against your cock] [hands pinned to your sides] [play with my tits] [tit sucking] [teasing] [calling you daddy] [begging] [spanking] [riding your cock] [cumming on your cock] [face riding] [69] [sloppy blowjob] [hard facefucking] [choking on your cock] [deepthroating] [bend me over] [hair pulling] [choking] [fuck my ass] [anal creampie] [fingering] [cumming while your cock is still in my ass] [kissing] [really really turned on]

Daddy, I Want You To Fuck My Face & Cum In My Mouth While You Eat My Pussy
[17:49] [Stereo] [Patreon Exclusive]

Daddy, there's enough going on in the world but when you're with me, I don't want you to worry about anything else. I want to make you feel good and I know you want to do the same for me, don't you? Let me be your good girl and take your perfect cock in my mouth while I ride your handsome face ♥️


[stereo] [asmr] [3 microphones] [wet sounds] [daddys girl] [calling you daddy] [69] [heavy breathing] [dirty talk] [moaning] [eat my pussy] [playing with your balls] [wet stroking] [sloppy wet blowjob] [deepthroating] [choking on your cock] [cum in my mouth] [face riding] [grinding on your mouth] [cumming on your mouth] [kissing] [tasting myself on your mouth]

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